A Return to Singing!

Happy Summer! We hope that all are enjoying a warm and deserved summer hiatus from the hustle and bustle of the school year!

Some exciting news…

In accordance with the BCDC, all signs are pointing towards a full-voice return to singing by September 7th, barring any changes to local data. This means…..we will back for in-person choir again starting this fall 2021 and registration is open NOW! (click to register) Our new term begins on September 16th, 2021! Woohoo!

We can’t tell you how exciting this news is for all of us at Pacific Spirit Children’s Choir!  We are so excited for the opportunity to welcome you all back in person and hear your voices ring out in song together once again!

As we approach the start of term this fall, we will be following any health and safety requirements that the BCCDC may put into place to the letter. Our health and safety plan reflects that of the current PHO and will change as/if needed. The health and safety of all our singers and staff is our utmost priority.

That being said, we are SO eager to welcome you back, or to have you join us for the first time!

REGISTRATION for the coming year is now open! (click to register)

Our winter concert will take place in early December and is called “A Holiday Around the World”, where we will explore the joy and beauty and fun of holiday-times music from all over the globe!  This will be our first concert in nearly two whole years!

This hopeful year comes to us after a long, and challenging year and a half of uncertainty and we welcome all into our choir family with warmth, joy, and love.

Kiyomi and Eric