Our goals for the children’s choir are to:

    • teach children to grow their love of music and singing
    • teach life-long, healthy voice technique, that can safely be used in any style of music
    • lead our rehearsals as if they were singing lessons for kids
    • help each child understand they are a creative, talented person, easily able to sing and perform with confidence: we know that every child, boy or girl, can learn to sing
    • build community within our choir drawing on children primarily from West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Vancouver and Burnaby: we love to celebrate our talents and share them with the greater community; beyond a girls choir or a boys choir, we build a community across ages, for boys and girls of many ages, grades, and backgrounds
    • learn to read and understand many styles and types of children’s choir music: we sing repertoire from “classical” to “popular”, including musical theatre numbers, sacred works, folks songs, gospel styles, and humourous works
    • learn to appreciate the beauty of music from different countries, religious traditions, and languages: we are one world!
    • be the finest children’s choir in North Vancouver and West Vancouver