The Pacific Spirit Children's Choir holds interviews (these are NOT auditions, because every child is accepted into our choir) at the beginning and end of every season (June and August), although new members are also welcome at the beginning of each term (September/October and January/February).

Please email the directors of the choir, Janelle Claudio and Kiyomi Hori, at to book an interview or for more information. We are happy to welcome new members up to mid-October and mid-February. We will be excited to welcome you and your child to this exciting choral group and to answer any questions you may have at any time.

Tuition fees for the year are set every August, and include all instruction, rehearsals, performances, accompaniments, music, recordings and access to the Member's Area in our website. Tuition fees are payable at the end of September (or the end of January), to allow children's choir members to try out two or three rehearsals and make sure they are delighted with our process.

Tuition fees are as follows:
Arbutus Choir: $450 / year
Cedar Choir: $450/year
Fir Choir: $525/year
Oak Youth Choir: $525/year

Special family rates and half year discounts are also applicable - please inquire at

We are happy to welcome you to the Pacific Spirit Children's Choir!
We are building a new, more user-friendly website to be launched in September 2017!
Stay tuned for updates.